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Sacred Soul Meditation

Sacred Soul Meditation

Sacred Soul Meditation is a weekend workshop which guides you to explore and discover the deep inherent innerpeace of your souls true nature . Sacred Soul Meditation is so much more than traditional "Meditation" practices based on relaxation and stress management, it is a Meditation Philosophy for Spiritual Awakening & Enlightenment.

Meditation is not just a 'practice' we DO but a conscious position of BEing. It is not about stopping your consuming and distracting thoughts , it is about detaching and disenging from all aspects of the relative world of time & action and resting in the freedom and liberation of Absolute pure consciousness.

Sacred Soul Meditation is the experiential discovery of evolving dimensions of consciousness through the practice of Presence. 

Sacred Soul - Meditations and Songs for Inner Stillness

After more than two decades of teaching and healing, Robyn realised that she also needed to formulate a CD that incorporated both soul healing voice meditations and vibrational healing songs... especially for the western culture. Robyn wanted to create sacred meditations and sounds that would work for anyone, in any situations especially for those experiencing busy daily activities or physical and mental health restrictions. Universal healing meditation and sounds help purify the restless energy fields of the body and mind bringing balance and positivity in your self and your health. 
Sacred Soul permeates the subconscious influencing the conscious mind as an invitation back to its true nature of stillness. Sound, prayers and mantras are a concentrated form of spiritual healing used by spiritual masters for thousands of years to build bodily resistance to disease and to treat a multitude of ailments. 

Along with Robyn’s live captivating meditation dialogues you will also experience the angelic voices of world renown devotional song musicians Deva Premal & Miten, Dave Stringer, Lucinda Drayton, Sacred Earth, Kevin James, Omkara and Lulu and Mischka (on audio) whose sounds will carry your soul on a journey home to a place of total inner peace and harmony.


One day workshop


includes Sacred Soul Cds ( Volume 1 & 2 )


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Robyn Collins