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Meditation & Satsang

This ongoing support group for experienced meditators who have completed the Sacred Soul Meditation Workshop  and want to go deeper into meditation and spiritual inquiry in the company of like-minded souls. 

Hi everyone, It has been a great pleasure to have the ongoing opportunity to have so many beautiful souls join the Sacred Soul (SSW) Workshop which is a day introduction into evolutionary awakening, followed up with monthly Meditation & Satsang meetings

The SS workshop and ongoing Satsang was created out of my commitment to help as many people as possible to stabilize their awakenings and in so doing create a more Enlightened world.

The follow up Satsang meetings are about essential elements that allow you to maintain contact with Presence Consciousness as shared in Sacred Soul, that many of us taste, but find much harder to sustain.

Satsang is also the opportunity to come together in the miracle of illuminated heart and mind, to meet new friends and share the wonders of the journey of awakening.

Life happens beyond the hours of the workshop, programs and retreats and I want to support you to build a spiritual life that will optimally serve your growth.

No matter how many times we break through into awakened awareness, most of us find that our access to this deeper possibility fades quickly leaving us longing to find it again.

The deepest desire we are all striving for is the possibility of sustained awakening. We don’t want to be awake only periodically; we want to be awake consistently.

Many people often ask... But how do I sustain my awakening?

Some believe that they simply need a single awakening experience big enough to last forever. As long time deep practitioners I can say with certainty that although this has happened to some, it is exceedingly rare – and it is not the only way.

Others believe that a dedicated daily practice will anchor them in higher consciousness. Again, my experience tells me that regular practice, although essential, is not enough.

Still others imagine that there is some insight or understanding that they are missing and if they find it everything will be different. And while insight and understanding are crucial aspects of awakening, on their own they will not hold our attention in the subtle realms of illumination that we discover in deep practice.

So, how do we generate an awakening and sustain it over time?


As a spiritual teacher of many years, I wanted to explore how I could better serve those who come to me for guidance – especially when it comes to sustaining an awakening.

Through many ongoing discussions, and my work with thousands of students, I’ve gradually come to identify three key dimensions of spiritual life that I feel most powerfully support the stabilization of awakened awareness.

First we need to have the subtle recognition of awakening repeatedly activated in our awareness. This can happen in many ways, but traditionally doing spiritual work with someone who has access to that delicate consciousness has often been the vehicle for activation of that same awareness in ourselves.

The second thing we need is deep immersion in the experience of awakening. (The reason retreats are so important for us is not because they introduce us to new possibilities, but because they afford us the time to become deeply rooted in those immaculate spaces of opening.) Therefore , monthly Satsang meetings at least gives us a chance to experience deep immersion for ongoing activation and transformation.

The third essential element is the ability to practice and abide in the inner position of the awakened mind. There are certain positions that we can take inside ourselves that put us in direct contact with the miraculous. Our ability to adopt these positions and orientations is essential to sustaining awakened awareness.
Sacred Soul and Satsang is not a course or program. It is an experiment in conscious evolution.

I have organised Satsang around these three core areas. My goal is to create a powerful container for you to experience both Spiritual Activation and Immersion on a regular basis as well as attain mastery over the other ongoing positions of awakened awareness.


Over the next year of Meditation and Satsang meetings at Soul Love and Happiness we will continue to deeply explore the inner positions of True Awakening.

Each month we will experience and discuss the imperative spiritual positions such as Immediacy, Limitlessness, Innocence Inclusively, Equanimity, Surrender, Receptivity and Presence.
See you at Satsang!


Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means gathering together for the truth" or, more simply, "being with the truth."

Truth is what is real, what exists. So all there is, is Truth. Whenever something increases your experience of the Truth, it opens your Heart and quiets your mind.

Conversely, whenever something,. such as a thought, fear, or judgment, limits or narrows your experience of the Truth, the Heart contracts and the mind gets busier.

We are all equally endowed with this capacity to discriminate the Truth. Thus, the true teacher, or satguru, is within you, and satsang, or being with the Truth, is endless.

Spiritual Awakening involves two essential aspects, one that is evolutionary, that restores us to the realisation of our essential nature, and one that is embodiment, during which we learn to integrate our realisation into everyday life.

During the evolutionary phase of meditation, we recognise and experience our essential nature as nondual awareness, the ground of being from which the entire cosmos is born. Here we learn to abide as awareness, where all boundaries of separation, self, and other dissolve and we experience our birthright of peace, joy, well-being, and freedom from suffering.

During the embodiment phase of meditation, we learn how to embody our essential nature as awareness, harmony and well-being amidst the ever-changing circumstances of our ordinary everyday life, in all our relationships with friends, lovers, children and co-workers, while we are at work, at play and at rest.

Robyn engages the teachings of nondual awareness through Satsang meetings with periods of silent and guided meditation, self-inquiry, interactive dialogue, and direct instruction. These wisdom teachings impart deep relaxation while revealing nondual presence as the mystery of being and pure awareness. Here, you find yourself and the world at peace.


PRE REQUISITE for attendance to Satsang - "Sacred Soul Meditation" 


1pm to 3pm - $25

BYO water and open heart!

Please include our name, phone number ,  email address  and DATE of Satsang that you will be attending on your Paypal booking

Blessings Rob

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