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Coralie Allen

Coralie Allen 

All throughout my 20's and 30's i have been searching for happiness and make a ‘better me’ by going to different workshops/seminars/personal development programs spending thousands of dollars along the way and always not getting what i hoped out of it. Left feeling like “that was a waste of money” One of the main reasons was at all the seminars in the past i went to there were so many people there i felt too embarrassed to get up and ask questions to do with my situation so i would sit and hope someone would ask what i needed to know and no one did so id leave feeling annoyed, and then book into something else hoping for a different outcome. 
It wasn’t until i somehow found Robyn Collins i just remember reading about one of her workshops ( Return to Soul ) and thought wow this is what i need to go too and it wasn’t even expensive considering what it was about and for a whole weekend. SO i thought id go i got nothing to lose, i was going through a relationship breakup and felt i needed to relieve myself from suffering because no breakup is fun. 
I felt so comfortable with Robyn and it wasn’t like there was hundreds of people so i felt that i could ask anything that was going on in my head and i could get answers straight away. Ive never had that before, so i found i got soo much out of her workshop. She even welcomes you to ask anything when it arises so you don’t try and over think things yourself because we do that way to much. 
I am so thankful to Robyn the way she shares her knowledge and truth is beautiful and clear and easy to understand. She is not just a mentor and an amazing woman she also has become a beautiful friend to me. I have already been to 2 of her weekend workshops now and am looking forward to her one in Bali next year. 

Coralie Allen - Sydney

Robyn Collins