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Return to Soul - ePUB ebook edition
Return to Soul ePUB ebook $9.99

Return to Soul - ePUB ebook edition


"Illuminating, compassionate, and compelling ... a must-read for those new on the spiritual path, the disenchanted seeker and the advanced soul."

- Tenzin Saveon, Tibetan Buddhist Nun

"Robyn's message is a response to the call of the heart and soul with words that invite us home to the reality and truth of our being. It is everything the world needs to hear for today's modern awakening."

- Kevin James Carroll, Musician and Song Writer

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A small inner voice kept urging the grief-stricken mother on … ‘There is an answer … a Truth … Don't give up…’
Making sense of life and death is something most humans one day ponder, and many just give up. But not Robyn Collins, an ordinary housewife who faced a full-on existential crisis when, in grief and anger at the death of her newborn daughter, she rejected the senseless explanations of the local clergy.

What followed was a diverse journey through the doors of various spiritual teachers and modalities of the East and West where she ultimately found a common thread and simple message for all. Be amazed by Robyn's mystical encounters that transformed her through a new awakening and a journey to her Soul, where she also learned whose voice had been guiding her all the way.

The seeking is over. Learn evolutionary keys to unlock your own journey to Soul through Robyn's simple but transformative insights, practices and meditations.

Return to Soul - a Transformational Guide to Spiritual Freedom, True Peace and Inner Stillness. This message is a communication from spirit guiding humanity into embodying the Souls true nature of Freedom, Peace and Stillness through foundations of meditation, presence and inquiry.

Robyn Collins