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Return to Soul
The Heart, Love & Soul of Awakening
The Heart, Love & Soul of Awakening $125.00

The Heart, Love & Soul of Awakening

The Heart , Love & Soul of Awakening
One day workshop

Directly connect to the powerful presence of love energy of the heart and soul so that you can manifest your highest potential this lifetime and fulfil all of your most beautiful dreams—both worldly and spiritual.

Awakened Heart, and Soul Love – The Ultimate Priority
The first step to awakening is to know our True Nature and to love ourselves completely in all ways. For thousands of years, most societies have taught us to put everyone and everything ahead of us. Then, if we have any love left over at the end, we can give it to ourselves. We are here to love ourselves first and foremost, and we’re not talking about egotistical/narcissistic love but from the aspect of Divine Love - Soul Love

We are talking about the kind of love that aligns us with a deep innate knowing.By living and loving our true Selves we open up to becoming One with everything. This kind of love reminds us that we are actually the Universe expanding into more of itself.

By setting the intention to have a daily practice of self love, and Presence we start to replenish our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to such a degree that we no longer look outside of ourselves to feel complete, happy and whole.

It is from this space of overflowing Heart & Soul love that we can then be of service to, support and elevate humanity. Heart and Soul Love transcends all the limitations of the conditioned world leaving us awake, alive, radiant, liberated and free.

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