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Return to Soul
Return to Soul - Soul Mastery Workshop

Return to Soul - Soul Mastery Workshop

Return to  Soul


Return to Soul is a direct pathway & transmission of spiritual emergence into pure consciousness. It is the immediate union and healing of soul at its causal point of existence.

Be gently guided into letting go of your daily struggles with life and open to the grace and peace of the hearts awakening. Let go of the delusion of existence and discover your own authentic Being. You will experience the presence of the true nature of your spirit…silent, pure, radiant and free. This weekend will rejuvenate every cell of your being and remind you of your soul’s eternal, ever-present and loving essence. 

Manifest your hearts desire,enhance your Souls path and yearning for awakening or accelerate your healing or psychic abilities with:

From Australias best selling spiritual guidance book - "Return to Soul - A transformational guide to Spiritual freedom, True peace and Inner stillness".

In this weekend workshop you will be guided to take your Soul a deeper level of awakening, wisdom and understanding of its True Nature of Being. You will receive profound insight into your lifes purpose and how to directly experience your Divine Essence as an Infinite Being of Love.

Every program includes Meditation space

Return to Soul

The Journey - The Transformation - The Awakening

The Keys to Awakening your Soul

Returning to Your Soul rests upon the foundation of four keys that assist you to activate and achieve your soul’s awakening. In moments when life got off track, challenging, or stressful, I found that returning to the keys would instantly bring my awareness back into focus and alignment with my soul’s purpose. It is easy to be derailed from our path and the keys are an essential foundation in maintaining ongoing inner and outer peace and clarity. They assist in bringing the mind back into focused attention. They also direct one’s awareness back to the human aspect of the journey. The Four Keys enable a clear, focused mind and open heart, ready for deeper inquiry, exploration, and discovery.

  • Desire
  • Intention
  • Allowance
  • Surrender

The Seven Attitudes of the Soul 

Attitudes are positions and standpoints that are essential components for the message shared here in Return to Soul. Although they appear familiar to the human/ relative aspect of living, they are the framework that spiritual awakening is formed upon. The attitudes continue to uphold spiritual integrity throughout the unfolding of the journey from beginning to end.


  • Responsibility
  • Humility
  • Vigilance
  • Commitment
  • Self Honesty
  • Gratitude
  • Ritual


The Core Foundations of practice

The desire for the Soul’s awakening does not come from the ego. It comes from the mysterious part of ourselves that is only focused and interested in awakening, freedom, and becoming more conscious. Once this desire begins, there is no stopping it. It becomes stronger and stronger, wanting only to move forward, to learn more, to know more, and to evolve.

By engaging in Core Foundations you will continually satisfy the yearning of the Soul and its love for the journey of life. The Core Foundations are like the food of the Soul. They allow us to fully participate, taste, experience, and digest the Truth of consciousness, leaving us feeling full, whole, and alive in the bliss of the embodiment of love.

When you commit to your one hundred percent intention for awakening, there is no need to wait for a special moment to arrive or to go to a place or person to bring enlightening experiences to you because you take responsibility for your own growth. The vehicle for awakening lies in the Core Foundations of Meditation, Inquiry, Ritual, and Reflection.


  • Foundation of Meditation
  • Foundation of Inquiry
  • Foundation of Ritual
  • Foundation of Reflection


  • Insights , Meditations and Invitations from a Journey of Awakening


Weekend workshop

$395 incl. copy of Return to Soul


Robyn Collins BASSc. MSc. is an Author, Spiritual teacher, Soul Medium, Tibetan Reiki Grand Master, Counselling Psychologist and Metaphysical Minister.

“Illuminating, compassionate, and compelling ... a must-read for those new on the spiritual path, the disenchanted seeker or the advanced soul—anyone serious about spiritual growth, self-realization, Soul-connection, and lasting happiness.” 
Tenzin Saveon - Tibetan Buddhist Nun

"Robyns message is a response to the call of the heart and soul with words that invite us home to the reality and truth of our being. It is everything the world needs to hear for todays modern awakening". Kevin James Carroll - Singer, Songwriter - Heartsongs Chanting Circle. 



Robyn Collins