Your Soul Message starts now

Your Soul Message starts now


We lose ourselves in the object of our love and in the process, we lose ourselves. We disconnect from the source of the love, which exists at the very center of our Being. Then we feel a certain kind of emptiness, because we have moved away from the center. We are afraid of the emptiness, and so we relentlessly pursue love outside of ourselves. The ego runs from the emptiness because it 'thinks' Love looks and acts a special way, but the emptiness is the LOVE of our true nature, the love that is eternal. The love of the true nature of our soul cannot be labelled because it has no name or form, it is wordless and free. It does not DO anything to prove itself because it is Still and Silent, motionless Love. When you are present, you are love....Presence allows us to Love what is...and there's nothing you can do about it 

Your Soul message: 

You are so loved 

Repeat this thought to yourself continuously all through your day and FEEL what happens!

I am Loved

I am Loving

I am Lovable


The greatest healing source in creation is within you. It is in the air you are breathing, the silence between your heartbeats, and in the warm rays of sunshine from above. Call off this exhausting search for this great Love outside you and relax into the soft cozy sweetness by fully accepting, loving and embracing the amazing being that you truly are. 

Who knew today was going to FEEL soooo good!

Blessings and Big Love


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