The greatest game you will ever get to play

The greatest game you will ever get to play


You have heard the saying that life is an ‘illusion’; this is true and means that we really do need to stop taking it so seriously. But what does the word ‘illusion’ means in this context?

14 Billion years ago, absolutely ever single thing in existence sprung forth from a tiny spark out of a space of NOTHING! This ‘nothing’ is also what is known as Universal Consciousness or God and the explosion is what science calls the “Big bang”.  Every single atom, molecule, particle, cell, star, planet, tree, ocean, mountain, insect, animal and human being that came from that moment of explosive ‘singularity’ has a long or short life expectancy. This means that absolutely EVERYthing in the manifested form of creation is impermanent – therefore is illusory – or “not forever real’.

The only part of us that is real and permanent is the part us that is the same essence of before the big bang itself, the part of us that is consciousness. Life, is just a game for us to experience and play in, so we might as well play it grand and enjoy it to our highest ability!

Laugh, play, and enjoy your life.

When you are seeing the grand scheme, the bigger picture of it all, you understand that life is the greatest game you will ever get to play! Seriousness is a disease that can cripple your soul.

Drop this overly serious self who has such a tight grip on you!  Your desires will manifest soooo much faster! And it feels much better to be playful again... 

Give yourself permission today to have a good long laugh at all your seriousness. Add just a tad of lightness into your agenda and see how good it feels! You've been carrying enough weight on your shoulders and you deserve the feeling of letting it all go!  Your only real job in life is to enjoy each moment that you are alive.  This includes allowing others to do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it!  This means that you can do the same! Enjoy hanging out with your super vibrant fun self today!


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