The First Key to Awakening

The First Key to Awakening


Desire is the first Key to Awakening... therefore, what you desire will matter to you the most on your Souls Journey home to Inner Peace and Freedom.The energy of desire underpins and fuels all human creativity, goals, success, growth, and action. Through having a relationship with the Creator, we are able to constantly tap into the highest source of wisdom, inner peace, and pure source of creative potential, which eventually sets us free forever. By remaining aligned with our highest desire, life will then continue to reflect all the things back to us that will serve the fruition, fulfillment, and achievement of this desire and awakening.

You are a Powerful Being.

Every desire you have can and will be fulfilled.

Your body is a super powerful magical manifesting machine that is ALWAYS attracting whatever your mind is devoted to seeing, feeling and believing.

You are an amazing multi-dimensional being and YOU have the natural born ability to have ANYTHING!

Just for a few minutes today, experiment with letting yourself become absorbed in the FEELING that your biggest dream, your wildest fantasy, your most exotic wish, has just manifested right in front of your eyes


“My desire is to know my soul’s true nature of being. The relationship with my Creator is the Only relationship that holds any value to me. I desire to be fully awake, free, and at one with all the wisdom, love, and peace of Universal Awareness.”

Practice this little manifesting trick every morning before you roll out of bed, and soon you will see

that your life only get easier and easier!


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