Saying Yes to life is what your Soul is here to experience

Saying Yes to life is what your Soul is here to experience


Your soul has come to taste every aspect of life as it can. Our mind/ego will do everything in its power to distract us from living the magnificence of life in this very moment. Our soul knows its true nature is Presence, and it is that Presence that allows us to enjoy all the gifts of creation. Being in Presence is saying yes to ALL moments, even those moments that may seem challenging or unsettling. When we live from the Souls Presence we can say yes to all things because we ALLOW all things simply come and go. We cannot say yes to life whilever we are saying NO to uncomfortable thoughts or situations. When we practice allowing all things to BE just as they are... we remain open and embracing as the presence of unconditional, unmoving Love.

Just Say "YES" to your Life

There is a tremendous power and blessing given to anyone who can say YES to the life they have now. This means accepting and appreciating who you are, where you are headed, what you doing, and how you plan on getting there.  No matter how crazy your life may seem when you say YES to it, the days only get easier. Free your mind from all these old limitations it has and open your heart wide to accepting everything about yourself, just the way you are.


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