Happiness is an intrinsic value of the Soul

Happiness is an intrinsic value of the Soul


Happiness, like Love does not depend on the things we need to do to ‘get’ happiness from outside of ourselves nor remove things from our lives that we believe ‘makes’ us feel unhappy. Happiness is an intrinsic value of the Soul. It is the felt in the quiet centre of the heart and expresses itself as a gentle and graceful smile that touches the corner of the lips and where we no that here...in this space of Presence, we need to do absolutely Nothing but rest in the true nature of happiness of the Soul.

Soul Message:

You can choose to be happy right now.

No matter if you are super rich or dirt poor, forever young or old as the Sun, happiness is ALWAYS a choice you can make and a chance you can take, right now!

Close your eyes and allow your awareness to drop down into the quiet centre of your heart. Rest in the space of silence and explore what the Souls context of Happiness FEELS like.

Just as an experiment to prove to yourself that you can simply choose it as an experience.

When you empower yourself with this awesome decision you will see it is much easier to manifest everything you want, need and desire in life, no matter what happens or does not happen in your outer world.

Your life is meant to be rich and filled with jubilation!

Blessings and Big Love


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