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Infinite Soul Series

Infinite Soul Series

If you are reading have answered a call of your soul that was yearning to know more about Who Am I? Why am I here? What is my soul’s purpose? Why do I still feel unsatisfied or incomplete after doing SO many spiritual modalities, practices and techniques? Why am I exhausted yet still trying to find the answers to my spiritual pathway?

The Infinite Soul Series work directly with the energy of primordial creation - the cosmic void - the ground of being , the space of infinite potential and the driving force of evolutionary awakening which is unlike anything else I have experienced as a facilitator in the last 20 years!

The Infinite Soul Series programs are of a genre that has traditionally been known as awareness-based meditation, insight meditation or non-dual meditation from a foundation of evolutionary enlightenment.


Your host - Robyn Collins, is a self realised spiritual teacher whose assists humanity in the simple discovery of Presence and Awakening.

In 2007 after intense commitment and training in the teachings of meditation and self realisation her prayers for awakening and longing for spiritual freedom and fulfillment came after the universe responded to her questioning through the experience of an extended reality .

In a split second she found herself floating formlessly in space looking out upon the totality of creation as a universal Being. She was able to see and sense the Souls Journey from the first moment of birth from the Ground of Being into the entire existence of life. The guidance she received is the unique message of each and every soul and the purpose of life from the greater cosmic intelligence.

The message is not personalized to one specific human condition but to the ONE SOUL of entire existence that is the consciousness of EVERY Being. Return to Soul is an evolutionary spiritual connection that for many has ended all “seeking", leaving them with a true feeling of spiritual wholeness, liberation and freedom.

The message is an invitation and guidance to awakening through a direct connection with the soul’s pure state of consciousness giving the sense of returning 'home' to the place of bliss and eternal love.

Robyn is deeply committed to helping others break through to the profound innerpeace of living in Presence. Her teachings invite seekers to learn how to stop, inquire, and identify the simple and true nature of the Soul that is at the core of all existence through Meditative practices, Self Inquiry and Existential theory.

Through the Infinite Soul Series you can experience clarity, meaning & healing in your life or simply expand your practice to reach deeper levels of conscious awakening, inner peace and freedom.



WOW what an incredible month! Robyn's guidance and  simple direction to experience the true context of spiritual awakening is SO easy yet powerful.  I highly recommend this course to everyone yearning to experience a final completion to the journey of seeking - Darleen NSW

I noticed Robyns post on facebook and it spoke directly to my soul.  I knew I had to contact her immediately to gain insight and clarity to my 'unsettled mind" . This course not only gave me instant peace of mind AND inner peace but being able to speak personally to Robyn every week added so much more support and a sense of REAL care and human connection, something that I found has been lost in the spiritual community. A llI can say is DO your SELF a favour and I promise you wont regret it!  - Roger SA.

I have been on the spiritual path for 20 years and experienced nearly absolutely every modality and practice on the planet! Robyn offers an "Evolutionary Approach" which is something that is so NEW and FRESH to awakening consciousness that is essential for the planet today. She has transcended old paradigms of belief systems resulting in the most clearest message I have ever heard to date. I feel extremely blessed to have been guided to her work and look forward to an ongoing life of excitement and evolution! - Claire Qld.

I have just completed my 4 weeks on "The Journey of transformation". What a journey of self discovery!  It is hard to describe the Ground of BEing. But I will try.. I felt safe, loved, supported. And I also felt trust. In myself and this journey I am on. With nothing to do in this space of eternal peace but enjoy the sensations and the deep sense of freedom. I am ready and can't wait for the next chapter of this journey.  Robyn has been stellar in her attention and love for me. She has been there for me over the last month without exception. I look forward to the next step. thank you Robyn for sharing with us what you know. This is something that resonated with me the minute I saw it. I hope it will with a lot of you guys out there as well. Love to everyone - Christine - Gold Coast


The Journey of Transformation


  • FOUR  30 minute Soul Session consultations ( Valued at $300 ) - One per week for 4 weeks
  • Introduction to the foundation of The Journey of Transformation
  • The "Sacred Journey" Meditation from " Sacred Soul "Meditations and Songs for Inner Peace & Stillness
  • 7 Transformation Meditations 
  • $140


The Journey of Liberation


  • 28 Meditation practices
  • Bonus Tracks
  • $140


Robyn Collins