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Throughout a diverse journey of fascinating doors of Eastern and Western philosophies, mystical encounters and profound experiences, Robyn Collins received clear and reliable inner guidance that helped her through a personal experience of crisis and loss. Robyn was remarkably guided from a vision shown to her from the infinite universal intelligence of non dual wisdom based on waking up to our true nature of love, unity and peace ...“something” vaster than the everyday concept of the human mind.   

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Robyn Collins BASSc. is an author, counselling psychologist and spiritual teacher who is deeply commited to helping others break through to the profound innerpeace of living in Presence. 

Sacred Sound Kirtan

Sacred Sound Kirtan

Sacred Music Kirtan Events

Sacred Music Kirtan is a very different kind of music. Based on ancient chants, it has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention. Everyone experiences kirtan differently, and it doesn’t have to be a religious experience. You can think of it as a sing-along. A kirtan concert is not your typical concert either. Everyone sits on the floor, although chairs are usually available. The performers are accessible, in fact there’s not much of a distinction between performers & audience. The wallah (leader) sings the mantra, and the audience sings it back. A single chant can go on for up to forty minutes. As you sing with each other you experience a deep connection with the musicians, the other audience members and yourself. And when the music stops, your mind is quiet.

Creating a sacred space where you and your friends can sit silently together is a profound practice. It transcends social boundaries because there is no need for polite conversation. It is a time to ‘be with ourselves’ – to give ourselves that extra time that we so easily overlook. Sacred Music Kirtan is a great support on our spiritual paths. We come together, in our aloneness, and it brings us closer as friends, because we find ourselves in a sacred space together, without judgement, where all is One.


$25 Online booking - $30 at door

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Robyn Collins