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Embodiment of Enlightenment
Embodiment of Enlightenment

Embodiment of Enlightenment

August 28th - 30st,2015

Essential: $240 non refundable non refundable holding deposit OR full payment

$ early bird if paid 4 weeks before event commencement

Normal full price otherwise: $755

Registration fees do not include flights to venue.

Payment plans available - Contact Robyn at info@robyncollins.com.au

Payments accepted using credit card, PayPal balance, bank transfer and cheque - register online below:

Embodiment of Enlightenment


The True Awakening Advanced Intensive - " The Embodiment of Enlightenment - The Living Presence of Love"  weekend retreat is for participants of Bali Retreats with Robyn ( not Stillness in Motion) participants only ...set in the amazing sacred land of Noonaweena - Kulnura NSW

After the True Awakening retreat you 'graduate' into the advanced retreat called the "Embodiment of Enlightenment' Retreat which is designed to help you live in a deeper connection to your true self. 
It’s quite common after any spiritual or personal development program for the retreat “high” to fade, after a few days or weeks. People can have difficulty bringing their new breakthroughs into their lives where their family, friends and work are still the same. This is a common pitfall for many retreats and workshops. After a few days or weeks you will become aware of the challenges you may face and by revisiting the "Embodiment of Enlightenment" Retreat you will be gently reminded and develop strategies to deal with them at a much 'deeper' level.

This 3-day intensive retreat is a near-silent retreat, with a predominant meditative content. The main purpose of the 3-day intensive retreat is to deepen the practice of silent awareness and to acquire further personal benefits for professionals who have attended the 7-day retreat. The course also provides a more advanced understanding of non duality and timeless wisdom and its fundamental purpose in the life,The course is a great opportunity to maintain yearly professional development and catch up with experienced and committed " True Awakening" participants. Highly recommended for business men and women, teachers and trainers 

In the Embodiment of Enlightenment we come together to inspire one another in remembering and re discovering the truth, to honour the truth, to live the truth and to love the truth.

Robyn offers advanced silent retreats to nurture the deepening desire and emergence of spirit into consciousness. Retreat is for those who are willing to set aside personal concerns and to give all of themselves to that which is unconditioned that reveals Itself to be the one true reality of each of us and all of existence.

To support this intention, except for the time together in satsang, Noonaweena retreats are held the deep silence of beautiful and intimate settings Both satsang and meditation are suited to penetrating heartfelt questions and, along with shared intention, create a synergistic combination for Self remembrance. 

Not knowing what will be said or what will be discovered, just the openness and willingness to be here will deeply transform you. Once again, profound support is experienced when total surrender of the mind and heart is shared with a group of people committed to self discovery for an entire weekend,

Luxurious 5 star - Resort includes share Workshop Meetings, Group discussions , Meditation, accommodation/en suite , 2 Continental Breakfast, 2 x 2 Course lunch, 2 x 2 course dinners ( Friday from 4pm - Sunday pm)
Pre requisite - True Awakening Bali Retreat 

Limited spaces available
Cost $755 - deposit $240 non refundable


Refund Policy:
If the participant withdraws or transfers from the retreat, the following refund policy applies:

a) If the participant withdraws 45 days or more prior to retreat commencement the participant will receive a full refund of all monies paid, minus an administration fee of $240

b) If the participant withdraws 30-44 days prior to the retreat commencement the participant will receive 75% of the full retreat fee, minus an administration fee of $240.

c) If the participant withdraws 14-29 days prior to retreat commencement the participant will receive 50% of the full retreat fee, minus an administration fee of $240.

d) If the participant withdraws 1-13 days prior to participant commencement or withdraws after the retreat commences, the full retreat fee is non-refundable.

"I am not here to teach you anything, I am only here to point you to the direction of your true nature , the part of you that is the silent presence of Being"- Robyn

Robyn Collins