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Agape - Divine Love
Agape - Divine Love

Agape - Divine Love


Are you longing for life to be easier and more effortless? Would you like to stop pushing, searching, micromanaging and forcing things so you can be at peace and relax? What if you could live in the space where there is no longer struggles and chaos? Let me take you to the magical place where the river of peace and effortless living flows ♥ 

To reach AGAPE Love is to reach into the innermost core of your Divine Being ♥ AGAPE belongs to the ultimate depth of your Being that is an Ego - Less love. It is where personal love is dissolved and only pure radiant silent love prevails.
The one day AGAPE Love Workshop is a transmission of embodied, incarnate and ever present communion that transforms your Soul and your entire human existence.

The foundational teachings of the one day AGAPE workshop:

Divine Love 

Radical Union 

Ecstatic Surrender

Palpable Forgiveness and Soul healing

Infinite stillness and liberation

Embodied Presence

Silent Conscious Awareness

Heart Opening

Robyn Collins