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Absolute Soul Meditation
Evolutionary Awakening

Evolutionary Awakening

This workshop invites you to experience the modern philosophy and enlightening truth of “Who am I”. In this workshop you learn to understand the immediate and simple answer to what life is all about, why are we here and why we continue to search for deeper fulfillment.

The Evolutionary Awakening workshop is an authentic,contemporary approach to spiritual practice designed to bring about transformation of humanity. You will discover the leading edge understanding of both the human condition and our place in the cosmos.

It consists of three phase vantage point exercises that will change the way you know and experience life forever. You will learn to uncover and experience the foundation of pure consciousness, the astonishing power of the driving impulse of evolution and the dismantling and destruction of the Ego.

It’s for those who feel compelled to transform themselves not merely for their own liberation, but in order to serve the greatest calling there is—the further evolution of life, humanity, and consciousness itself.

The Workshop...

The Driving Force of Existence/BEcoming

In the Evolutionary Consciousness Retreat we begin by looking at the basic human self, the self that has had a basic drive to survive, needs, wants and concerns to stay protected and loved etc which has served us very well up to now.

As the game if life is changing and more of us are feeling a longing to wake up, to fully heal ourselves and to also help others in their awakening, no longer just driven by the need to survive.

Naturally, when we give ourselves to this evolutionary drive ( the driving force of existence/BEcoming), this desire, we ask “what will become of me, my relationship, my career etc.”

Discover what it means to undergo such a shift that the body-mind as we know it was no longer our primary reference point? SO that life was no longer merely just about me? But about the conscious awaking of humanity?

The Foundation of BEing

Discover would it life look and relate to life from the point of before the beginning of time...14 billion years ago ? That origin of Being that is timeless, formless, deathless and has never been born? That which gave birth to the universe.

From that divine thrust towards an even greater manifestation of the good , the true and the beautiful. It is the same desire within us and within the universe toward perfection & perfecting the whole event of creation. From the depths of meditation to the heights of shared philosophical and spiritual inquiry, you’ll discover what it means to transform not only yourself, but the relationships and values you share with the world and others.

Robyn Collins